Compliance Audit and Risk Assessment

Let us help you prevent costly workplace incidents with an expert chemical risk assessment.

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A cut above standard risk assessments.

Interpreting the technicalities of complex Australian Dangerous Goods Standards is beyond the everyday responsibilities of most work, health and safety managers.

Our end to end risk assessments are a way to guarantee that you are complying with Australian regulations and are not liable for any accidents which occur onsite.

dg risk assessment report
Reduce injury to Employees
Limit financial liability
Boost employee Morale

Receive a comprehensive report with actionable insights.

Your risk assessment report will analyse:

  • Methods of storage and handling.
  • Extent of risk to people, environment, property and equipment.
  • Standard operating procedures and protocols.
  • Additional factors contributing to risk, including position and location of flammable cabinets.
  • Hazard information including signage and safety data sheets.
  • Availability and use of personal protective equipment.

Firstly we sit down and ask the hard questions to discover your challenges and objectives. If you don’t know what hazards and challenges exist in your workplace, you’ll be incapable of taking any action to solve them.

A hazard or challenge is anything that will put your organisation at risk and hinder you from achieving your objectives. To help you identify your hazards, a field specialists will come to your site and conduct onsite audit of your dangerous goods.


After identifying your chemical hazards during the onsite audit, we carry out risk assessments to understand the nature and harm associated with each hazard. Our dangerous goods risk assessments allow us to quantify the level of risk associated with your hazards by determining the severity and possibility of an incident occurring.


Following the site audit and risk assessments, we work together to implement a successful solution to mitigate the risks associated with your chemical hazards. Our Australian based manufacturing facility has the ability to design, manufacture and deliver tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements.

We also provide workplace design services and onsite project management to ensure that your dangerous goods storage solution is implemented in a successful  manner.


Once we’ve implemented a solution to mitigate your risks, we work together to set up a system to sustain your compliance with dangerous goods standards and regulations. This program consists of regular compliance audits, risk assessments and scheduled maintenance services.

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Braden Urquhart

Field Specialist

“STOREMASTA have provided Snowy Hydro with a high quality and detailed dangerous goods storage audit. This was completed across all sites and the team provided not only a professional service, but also took the time to coach our workers on the "what" and "why" of dangerous goods storage. The reports were completed in a timely manner, and we will be incorporating their expert feedback into our business. I recommend STOREMASTA to anyone who wants a professional, thorough and efficient service”

Health and Wellness Manager

Snowy Hydro


Excitedly we have secured in place our new chemical storage units. 

Throughout the audit, manufacture, delivery and then the after service process STOREMASTA have consistently provided professional, expedient and knowledgeable service to our business which has far exceeded our expectations; Their commitment is genuine. The flammable cabinet and chemical storage containers sit proudly on our site and we are extremely happy with our purchase.

Jeannie Walker

Fonterra Australia Pty Ltd

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