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STOREMASTA® leads Australia and New Zealand's dangerous goods storage industry. Our innovative team craft an extensive range of industrial storage solutions such as flammable cabinets and chemicals storage containers. All our solutions are based on our profound knowledge of the Australian Dangerous Goods Standards and Regulations. 

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Firstly we sit down and ask the hard questions to discover your challenges and objectives. If you don’t know what hazards and challenges exist in your workplace, you’ll be incapable of taking any action to solve them.

A hazard or challenge is anything that will put your organisation at risk and hinder you from achieving your objectives. To help you identify your hazards, a field specialists will come to your site and conduct onsite audit of your dangerous goods.


After identifying your chemical hazards during the onsite audit, we carry out risk assessments to understand the nature and harm associated with each hazard. Our dangerous goods risk assessments allow us to quantify the level of risk associated with your hazards by determining the severity and possibility of an incident occurring.


Following the site audit and risk assessments, we work together to implement a successful solution to mitigate the risks associated with your chemical hazards. Our Australian based manufacturing facility has the ability to design, manufacture and deliver tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements.

We also provide workplace design services and onsite project management to ensure that your dangerous goods storage solution is implemented in a successful  manner.


Once we’ve implemented a solution to mitigate your risks, we work together to set up a system to sustain your compliance with dangerous goods standards and regulations. This program consists of regular compliance audits, risk assessments and scheduled maintenance services.


28 years of innovation

With an established and stable history, STOREMASTA® now works with every industry sector and government department in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Papua New Guinea and South East Asia. 


Working with Other Companies

When you have to work with multiple dangerous goods consultants, engineers, manufactures and suppliers there is inevitable loss of information which leads to conflict and delay.


Working with

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1. Identify

STOREMASTA® field specialists work with your organisation to identify risks associated with your dangerous goods storage and handling.

  • Dangerous Goods Consultant
  • Risk Identification


After identifying any risks, STOREMASTA® conduct an on-site dangerous goods risk assessment to identify the severity and likelihood of onsite risks.

  • Dangerous Goods Compliance Audit
  • Risk Assessment


Following the risk assessment STOREMASTA® will work with you to engineer and implement a solution to control your risks and ensure you comply with the regulations.

  • Solution Recommendation
  • Design & Engineering
  • Manufacturing


To guarantee sustained compliance, STOREMASTA® provides ongoing support. This partnership is vital as your quantities of dangerous goods increase and your storage processes change. 

  • Scheduled Compliance Audits
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Spare Parts

Our Capabilities

Australian made

STOREMASTA® products are manufactured at our warehouse in Burnie, on the north-west coast of Tasmania. Our expert team continually innovate to offer flexible solutions of the highest quality. You’ll receive all deliveries quickly due to our efficient distribution network.

Custom solutions

We can design, manufacture and deliver one of a kind products which solve your dangerous goods storage problems and ensure compliance with regulations. All custom solutions maximise efficiency and minimise risk. Find out more here.

Legislative knowledge

All STOREMASTA® products meet Australian safety standards and have an ISO 9001 quality certification. Our team is made up of experts in dangerous goods legislation, with a thorough knowledge of national regulations, industry applications and material handling solutions.

Service excellence

STOREMASTA® is a family owned and operated company with an excellent history and reputation. We live and breathe dangerous goods storage, and love working with people and organisations to minimise risk.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our team at STOREMASTA®. are committed to ensuring the highest quality outcomes for our clients. As an ISO 9001 certified company, you can rest assured that our quality management systems meet the most stringent international standards. We are subject to independent auditing on an annual basis, which ensures our policies, procedures and systems remain relevant and effective. From our Dangerous Goods storage products to our customer service, we maintain our exceptional standards so our customers can benefit from our quality assured solutions.


Featured Customer Stories

Ensuring an exceptional customer experience is all part of the service here at STOREMASTA®. Read our latest customer stories to find out how we’ve helped clients find the Right Dangerous Goods storage solution for their organisation.

The buying experience was efficient and stress free. Questions were answered promptly and expert advice given.
Real Pet food Company
Delivery was no problem and the bund is far better than what we had.
I am very happy with the solution and will be ordering more from the quote you gave me.
From quotation to delivery the service of Melissa was outstanding. We would definitely be using your products in future projects

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