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Dangerous Goods Fire Suppression System - Monitored - Medium

Offering fire suppression with compliance monitoring, this solution allows you to better control fire risk in your Storemasta 18 Outlet Battery Charging Cabinet.

The Dangerous Goods Fire Suppression System - Monitored – Medium features the FirePro® aerosol that automatically extinguishes a fire when the temperature inside the storage equipment reaches 180°C. The monitored system provides an additional layer of protection, with a Fire Indicator Panel. This high-tech equipment provides both an audio and visual alarm when a fire is detected, with the Fire Indicator Panel also incorporating a Fault Monitoring system and Isolation Function. Annual maintenance of your Monitored Dangerous Goods Fire Suppression System is made easier with the test module.

This system is also available with optional SMS monitoring via the Auto Dialer add-on.


  • The equipment layout isn’t fixed. It can be moved to accommodate existing internal equipment, ease of maintenance & provide clear paths
  • Spacing allowances can be provided to the manufacturer for each piece of equipment
  • The FIP can be mounted internally or externally
  • External items are IP66
  • Generators & cabling have deutsch plugs fitted for ease of maintenance & replacement
  • Generators are 304SS & Brackets 316SS
  • FIP- Approved to AS7240.0
  • Control Panel - Detection and Activation
  • Shielded Fire Rated Cable - 2hr
  • Linear Heat Detection 180deg C Cable
  • 200g SS Aerosol Generator 
  • All bracketry stainless steel
  • Sign - System Warning Traffolyte - AS4487 General Strobe Sounder unit - IP66 rated
  • Test simulator included for maintenance
  • Certified to AS5062
  • Suitable for:
    • 18 Outlet Battery Charging Cabinet - 500266

Dimensions (mm)

ExternalW 190D 88mm diam.

Other Specifications

Weight 1.8 kg

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